News placeholder Molecular dynamics study on shape memory effect of Ni-Ti alloy
  • Classical molecular dynamics study of Ni-Ti nano-size alloy by EAM potential
  • Atomic-level structural analysis of Ni-Ti alloy by first principle (ab initio) calculation
    Mechanical behavior and properties of bottom-up-type nanocrystalline materials ---Evaluation by Molecular dynamics simulation---
    • Relation between type of building block and strength in nanostructure
    • Visualization of lattice defect in nanocrystalline material
      News placeholder
      News placeholder Materials evaluation by interactive dynamics simulation
      • Welding simulation of metallic nano-clusters
      • Molecular surgery
      • Entertainment-oriented interactive dynamics simulation
      SPH simulation for dynamics behavior analysis of materials interface News placeholder
      News placeholder Nano-scale function by relative motion in materials interface

      Basic study on strength of materials in "tensegrity" structure News placeholder
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