Year 2009-2010

PhD candidate Master of Engineering course Bachelor course (Seneior) Bachelor course(Junior)
Team SMA (analysis of nano-scale functional materials)
Phase field modeling of Ni-Ti shape memory alloys: Analysis and visualization of martensite variant formation Takanobu MATSUKI
Study on phase transition of Ni-Ti alloys by using phase field modeling Takeshi MATSUO
Interatomic potential for Ni-Ti alloy system: First principle calculation and MEAM modeling N/A N/A
Large-scale molecular dynamics study on martensitic variant formation mechanism of Ni-Ti alloy Katsuya TANIGUCHI
Team MULTISCALE (SPH and particle method etc.)
Rotation and fracture behavior of materials by using SPH (smoothed particle hydrodynamics) simulation Kazuto AKAGI
Molecular dynamics analysis of stable-unstable transtion mechanism in nanoscale crack with ductile behavior Tsukasa MIZUNO
Paricle method and SPH simulation on deformation and fracture of structures in architecture Kimiya TSUTSUMI
Hybritization between MD and SPH: application to materials' crack and strength Takeshi OKADA
Multiscale simulation by using VAC(Virtural Atomic Cluster) method Ken-ichi SAITOH
Team DRAWING(plasticity and process simulation)
Molecular dynamics modeling of wiredrawing and development of microstructural change Nobuyuki KAKITSUBA
Numerical modeling of lubricant and friction in plasticity from molecular dynamics viewpoint Takahiro EJIMA
Elastic-plastic finite element analysis of wiredrawing :Relation between internal crack and stress Satoshi YANO
Team GRAPHIC (Graphics and simulation of interfacial phenomena)
Molecular dynamics simulation on crystalline defects and grain boundary in severe plastic deformation (SPD) Takahisa SASAKI
Team AFM-NANO (AFM experiment and novel function of nanomaterial)
Extraordinary mechanical properties in atomic cluster and structures: Superelasticity in MD model Yoshiaki YONEKAWA
Shear deformation and rotation of Au atomic cluster: molecular dynamics simulations Tatsuya YAMAGUCHI
Analysis of crystalline transition inside Au cluster by using molecular dynamics method Shintaro YAMADA
Study on microscopic (nano-scale) mechanism in Ni-Ti alloys by using atomic force microscopy (AFM) Kazunori AOKI Takashi HASHIMOTO
Team BIO(biology and structural stability)
Strength of materials in TENSEGRITY: theory, experiment and simulation Taisuke OKANO
Dissipative Particle Dynamics (DPD) modeling and simulation for structural stability of biological polymer Hirokazu SHIBATA
Team NANO-MECH(interfacial mechanism etc.)
Friction and atomic mechanics in nano-scale interface N/A N/A
Team VIBRATION(nanoscale vibration and CNT)
Computational approach of nanoscale device made of CNT (carbon nano-tube) interacting with solid surface N/A N/A
Intra-inter-laboratory team
Team AE (acourstic emission technique)
Study on materials' evaluation by using both AE and MD NDT group NDT gropu