Doctoral cource Master course For graduation thesis
"SMA" sub-group (for analysis of nano-size function)
Molecular Dynamics Study of Crack Propagation in Ni-Ti Alloy Keisuke Kubota
Interatomic potential for Ni-Ti alloy: Study based on ab initio calculation and MEAM Keigo Ohbitsu
Stress-induced Amorphization of Ni-Ti Alloy by Molecular Dynamics Yuuji Okamoto
"SPH" sub-group (for multiscale analysis)
Plastic/Fracture Simulation by using solid SPH Seiya Shibata
Multiscale Solid Mechanics Simulation by using VAC (Virtual Atomic Cluster) method Kenichi Saitoh
"Plastic Working/Processing" sub-group (for wire-drawing technology)
Relation between Microstructure and Fracture in Wiredrawing Processing: Molecular Dynamics Modeling Kousuke Kuse
"Interface Analysis" sub-groupifor grain boundary, computer graphics)
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nanocrystallization and Behavior of Grain Boundaries in Processing with Giant Strain Keigo Sato
Aluminum Grain Boundary Migration in in Processing with Giant Strain Hiroshi Shimada
Detection and Visualization of Defects in Atomistic Simulation of Grain Boundary Takafumi Tsuyuki
"Mechanical Properties in Nanostructure: United-experiment" sub-group (for AFM study)
Extraordinary Mechanical Response of Atomic-Cluster-Assembled Structure Yoshiaki Yonekawa
AFM Study on Strength and Derformation of Au Cluster-asssembled Structures Takuya Sumi
"Nano-composite" sub-group (for analysis of organic body and polymers)
Computational Study on Strength Evaluation of Nano-Composite Materials N/A N/A
"Nano-Interface" sub-group (for novel nano-scale function)
Reduction of Friction and Dynamical Functionality in Nano-Scale Interfaces (MD and DPD study) N/A N/A
"Carbon Nanotube and Oscillation" sub-group (for vibration and novel nano-device study)
Interaction between Carbon Nanotube and Materials Surface: Computational Study of Nanodevice Using Its Novel Mechanism N/A N/A
Collaborative activity inside laboratory
"AE" sub-group (for advanced acoustic emission)
Evaluation of Materials Failure by Acoustic Emission and Molecular Dynamics Nakano (Non-Destructive Testing) Group Amishima (Non-Destructive Testing) Group