Doctoral course Master course For graduation thesis
"SMA" sub-group (for analysis of nano-size function)
Molecular Dynamics Study on Microscopic Mechanism of Shape-memory Alloy T.Sato
MonteCarlo Simulation of Phase Transformation in Ni-Ti Alloy T.Yoneda
Molecular Dynamics Study of Crack Propagation in Ni-Ti Alloy K.Kubota
"SPH" sub-group (for multiscale analysis)
Large Deformation Analysis of Plastic-Elastic Body by Using Particle Method H.Fukumoto
Extrusion Analysis by Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method K.Nakaji
Sever Plastic Deformation(SPD) Simulation using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics(SPH) method Y.Ohnishi
"M-C" sub-group (for Metal-Ceramics Interface Strength)
Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Bimaterial Interfaces and Nano-Scale Materials Design M.Tanaka
Atomistic Simulation on Effect of Crystalline Orientation during Interface Fracture K.Sato
"Strength of Nanostructure: United-experiment" sub-group (for AFM study)
United AFM Study on Strength and Derformation of Nanomaterial (Au Cluster-asssembled Structures) A.Furukawa
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of AFM Probe-tip and Au Clusters Y.Wada
"Nano-composite" sub-group (for analysis of organic body and polymers)
Computational Study on Strength Evaluation of Nano-Composite Materials
Strength Evaluation of Polyethylene Molecular-Scale Structures by Using Molecular Dynamics D.Hosomi

"Nano-Interface" sub-group (for novel nano-scale function)

Reduction of Friction and Dynamical Functionality in Nano-Scale Interfaces Y.Nagase
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Self-assembled Monolayer: Analysis of Friction Behavior H.Matsuno
"Carbon Nanotube and Oscillation" sub-group (for vibration and novel nano-device study)
Interaction between Carbon Nanotube and Materials Surface: Computational Study of Nanodevice Using Its Novel Mechanism H.Takeshita
Vibration Analysis of Nanotube Probe with force field K.Miyazaki
"Graphics" sub-group (for scientific visualization)
Collaborative activity inside laboratory
"AE" sub-group (for advanced acoustic emission)
Evaluation of Materials Failure by Acoustic Emission and Molecular Dynamics Saeki (Non-Destructive Testing Group) Non-Destructive Testing Group