Doctoral course Master course For graduation thesis
"SMA" sub-group (for analysis of nano-size function)
Molecular dynamics study on shape-memory effect in nanomaterials T.Sato
Evaulation of physical and mechanical properties of shape-memory materials by computational mechanics K.Akiyama
"SPH" sub-group (for multiscale analysis)
Study on interface strength by hybrid-type computational mechanics simuklations Y.Tateoka
Dynamics analysis of materials interface by SPH method H.Fukumoto
Dynamics analysis of materials interface by MD method M.Tanaka
"Nano-composite" sub-group (for analysis of organic body and polymers)
Computational study of strength of materials in structure of molecular assembly T.Kawaguchi

"Graphics" sub-group (for scientific visualization)

Entertainment in materials science by interactive dynamics simulation H.Fukui
Three-dimensional structure of grain boundaries in nanocrystalline materials and effect of potential energy function J.Onishi
"Interface" sub-group (for novel nano-scale function)
Emergence of mechanical function by motion in nano-scale interface Y.Nagase
MD analysis for invention of mechanical sensor with nano-structured materials H.Takeshita
Collaborative activity inside laboratory
"AE" sub-group (for advanced acoustic emission)
Evaluation of materials failure by acoustic emission and molecular dynamics M.Shimizu