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Materials Science and Computational Mechanics for the Development of Nano-sized Wiredrawing (Grand-in-Aid for Scientific Research, JSPS, 2016-)[running]

Development of Computer Simulation for Electrolyte Solution of Battery (Enterprise-University-Collaborative Research, 2015-)[running]

Molecular Dynamics Modeling for Wiredrawing Process (Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp., 2010-) [running]

Research and Development of Lead(Pb)-free Copper Alloys for Sliding Materials with Highly Function Solid Lubrication(Kurimoto, Co, Ltd., NEDO, 2011-2012)[complete]

" Strategic Project to Support the Formation of Research Bases at Private Universitie (for "Nanowire" and devices) (ORDIST-KU,Prof.Shingubara)", [completed]

Development of "Universal Particle Method" and its application to solid mechanics problems [Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(KAKENHI) 2009-2011, completed, to next phase]

"Research group for engineering application of computational nanotechnology using super-high-speed network facility(e.g. SINET3)", ORDIST, Kansai University [finished, representative]

"Study on Giant Straining Process for Advanced Materials Containing Ultra-High Density Lattice Defects/Giant Straining Process for Advanced Materials Containing Ultra-High Density Lattice Defects [completed,to next phase]

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Northwestern University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Computational Solid Mechanics

Kansai University (Japan)
The university with feature, "Design Studio for Intelligence and Arts", supports and is supported by "Osaka", potentially the No.1 city of business in Japan.

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Organization forResearch and Development of InnovativeScience and Technology (ORDIST), Kansai University

Commitee on Molecular Dynamics, The Society of Materials Science, Japan (JSMS)
Much information about Molecular Dynamics, etc.

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Today's Visualization(Ver.2008-2011)
Billion/million Molecular Dynamics: Nano-indentation on aluminum surface (N=8,388,608/N=28,311,552)


Let us observe realistic dislocation motions!(2.8MB)

Particle simulation for structural catastrophe (collapse of steel buildings)

Conclusion of earthquake! (lateral vib.(20MB)/oblique vib.(6MB)) Tsu2mi/Akagi

High-speed Deformation / Fracture of Beam-structure (Al) by solid SPH

For suitable and developed utilization of engineering materials (for machines and structures), we should know essential and unknown properties of them.

Computational mechanics---we can grasp the information about properties or behavior of various materials by computer simulation based on precise mechanics and dynamics theory. Actually, modern design and manufacture of machine or structure are much owing to computational mechanics.

Nowadays, for materials engineering, much attention is paid to microscopic analysis (i.e. atomic-scale analysis) where the center methodology is Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation. Nice linking between MD and traditional (computational, experimental) method for materials evaluation will open up and develop higher-level new scientific and industrial technologies concerning our engaging subject.

This group belongs to "Materials and Mechanics Laboratory", Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Science, Kansai University. We --- faculty staff, postgraduate, undergraduate--- all study, dicuss, publish, and make presentation about each themes and make collaborative work each other.

"Every efforts will always pay off, no effort will not."

(August, 2004 Ken-ichi Saitoh, Ph.D, Kansai University)

"Heart of Simulation" (Feb. 2011)

Today's Visualization

Grain Boundary Behavior in Processing with Giant Strain
(Strain-cotrolled MD technique)

(Sigma=3(111) & (112) boundaries are migr
ating by shear with compression. 21MB K.Sato)

MD analysis of CNT(Carbon NanoTube) Acoustic Emission probe

click(movie) for dancing!

Mechanical Function in Nano-scale Interface
(Copper Cluster Rotating between Graphene Sheets)

click(movie) for rotating clusters!

Fracture of CNT(Carbon NanoTube) by Internal Pressure

click here(movie: over 12MB)

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Today's Visualization
Deformation of Gold(Au) Atomic Cluster
being probed by Silicon AFM tip

click for smashing!(movie,huge file! 31MB)

click for scratching! (movie,huge file again! 31MB)

MD/DPD micro-mesoscopic simulation of SAM
(Self-Assembly Monolayers):
Relation between friction and molecular conformation

click for sliding nanoscale surfaces! 8MB

Tensegrity: Analysis of Structure, Mechanical and Materials

3compressive-9tensile-members in tensegrity: initial and displaced forms (still image)

Atomic fracture of silicon-carbide

click(movie) for tearing off

Collision analysis by elastic-plastic SPH

click(movie) for banging!

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Today's Visualization

Million-computed molecular dynamics
(indentation experiment on a copper single crystal)

click(still image)

An atomic cluster (about 2000 copper atoms)

click(still image)

Tensile Test of Atomic-cluster-assembled Structure
these structures are made up of copper clusters
(only 683 atoms)
initial state
-animation of sectional views with structural analysis-
with void (brittle) & without void(ductile)

Today's Visualization
Deformation of Aluminum notched specimen by solid SPH

click each above for tearing off! (elastic|plastic-elastic)

MD simulation of Martensitic Transformation
in Ni-Ti Alloy
(Only M-Phase is presented by Atomic Positions.) 5.7MB

click(movie) for transforming!

Atomic Diffusion in Nano-composite Material

click(movie) for playing PE rope and Silica!

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