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Ken-ichi SAITOH PhD(in Engineering)

Professor, Materials and Mechanics Laboratory,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering Science, Kansai University
Senryaku-kiban researcher, Kansai University (2010-)

Doctoral Thesis
"Atomistic Study on Strength and Diffusion Properties of Grain Boundary" (1996.12,Osaka univ.)
Master's Thesis
Study on Interaction between Grain Boundary and Lattice Defects (1994.2, Osaka univ.)
Graduation Thesis
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Microscopic Deformation Behavior of Grain Boundary (1992.2, Osaka univ.)

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Japanese Symposium (Presentation) (all written in Japanese)
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  • 1st, The best poster: Winner of Best Poster Contest of conference COMAT 2018 (Nov.14,2018)
  • JSMS Award for Promising Researchers, The Society of Materials Science, Japan(JSMS) (May.15,2004)
  • Best Presentation Award, The Society of Materials Science, Japan(JSMS) (May 26,2003)