Research Themes
Basic Study on Generation Mechanism of Magnetomechanical Acoustic
Emission−Application of AE signals with Wavelt transform−:

Evaluation of Fracture Characteristics of TiN Ceramics Film Using
Acoustic Emission−Prediction of Scratch Mark with Scratch Testing−:

Evaluation on Behavior of Thermal Shock Fracture of TiN Ceramics Film
with AE Method:

Detection of Crack Growth with Infrared Thermography:

Grasp and Evaluation of Wear Types with AE:

Evaluation of Fatigue Damage with AE:

Computational Mechanics / Molecular Dynamics

Behavior of Residual Stress and Texture in Drawinig of the Steel Wire:

Computer simullation for each technique of the tube drawing:

Study of butted tube with ultrasonic vibration:

Influence of die shape on wire drawing bv Elasto-plastic FEM Analysis:

Three-dimensional Elasto-plastic Finite Element Method Analysis on
the Influence of the Drawing Direction Angle in Die-wire Drawing:

X-ray Analysis of Residual Stress and Texture in Titanium Wire Drawing:

Residual Stress Distribution of TiC Film by CVD:

Computational Mechanics, Molecular Dynamics

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